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We’re in the News!

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“We’re in the spotlight…

Right now, we’re making headlines! In the press and on the radio 😉🗞️🎙️

Jessica, Founder of Marpezia, had the honor of being a guest on Radio Mont Blanc, in the program ‘Des locaux dans nos locaux’ to present Marpezia!

🎙️ ‘We strive, as with all protections, to use natural materials. We only work with genuine sheepskin to prevent overheating of the limbs and preserve the well-being of the horse.’

Watch the full replay:

An article entirely dedicated to Marpezia has also been published in the newspaper “Le Dauphiné” 📰 by Daniel Brisard.

Here’s the article:

Viuz-en-Sallaz Affirming your style in the city as well as on horseback

Coordinating a horse’s saddle with the rider’s clothing is now possible with Marpezia.

On the left, Jessica, the founder of the Marpezia brand, and Laetitia, the saddler who creates the designs.

Thanks to Marpezia and its coordinated collections, it becomes possible to assert one’s style both in the city and at the stable. This is what Jessica Frarin, who was not originally destined to enter the fashion industry, proposes. Indeed, in 2021, while she was managing properties in Switzerland, she had a horseback riding accident. During her recovery, her reflections led this passionate equestrian enthusiast to consider a career change. Since she had dreamed of creating her own equestrian brand, this accident opened up new horizons for her. Marpezia was born.

However, eager to offer durable, quality products and environmentally friendly manufacturing, the founder decided to launch an equestrian brand that was not quite like the others. While searching for an original idea to stand out from competing saddleries, she realized that it was impossible to find a brand that allowed both the rider and the horse to wear coordinated collections. Now, with Marpezia and its collections for children, women, men, horses, and even dogs, asserting one’s style is possible in terms of clothing assortment, colors, and saddle equipment. Her encounter with Laetitia, the saddler, would be decisive, shaping Marpezia’s ambitions and bringing to life the brand’s numerous projects.

100 % made in France

The Stravinsky, Astéria, and Epona collections offer bridles, boots, halters, leads, saddle pads for horses; collars and leashes for dogs; hoodies, silk scarves, caps, soaps, bracelets, pouches, belts for everyone. Each accessory has been designed to match all the others, offering customers the possibility to create endless looks.

Finally, Marpezia is committed to a genuine local approach. Concerned about offering sustainable products, the brand carefully selects materials known for their low environmental impact and technical qualities. The saddlery is 100% “made in France,” and all products are manufactured in France, showcasing the skills and expertise of the territory.