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«Chaque année Marpezia agrandit sa team via une campagne d’Ambassadeurs, pensez à nous suivre sur les réseaux en activant les notifications pour en connaitre toutes les précisions.»

Our Marpezia ambassadors

Alexia Stullein

A distinguished dressage rider, Alexia trusted us from the beginning of this adventure and we thank her infinitely.

Its sublime Black Waterfield Heritage stables are located in Valleiry in Haute-Savoie.

French Pro2 champion and also playing on the Pro1 circuit, “I attach great importance to the quality and elegance of the products that I use on a daily basis for my horses, and collaborating with a brand like Marpezia is therefore obvious because it brings together all these criteria while also being made in France.

I couldn’t dream of anything better! »


Marie Blaire

Grand prix rider, independent coach, I am passionate about our sport but above all, the well-being of our horses. I am committed to improving our riding by surpassing ourselves but also by improving the rider/horse relationship.

I find values ​​that are dear to me with Marpezia. “The ambition” to make quality products, “Respect” for the environment with 100%🇨🇵 products. “Elegance” & “technique” which represents dressage, Marpezia does it in the choice of its materials. I am happy to work with Marpezia. Just tried and got adopted.


Dominique Fillion - PAYS-BAS - NL

I agreed to be an ambassador because I just love the colors and the materials this brand is using. They are really one of a kind. Also the kindness and warmth of the owner was one of the reasons we decided that we would love to work together. Every time I go somewhere with a halter of Marpezia people tell me my horses look amazing.  I am Dominique Filion a 39 years old Dutch Grand Prix dressage rider. In our training and selling stable Filion Dressage horses me and my partner Alexander Kotodyan train and educate horses from green until Grand Prix. We love to compete them and work with national and international clients. 

Matthieu Menelot

Matthieu Menelot, French rider starting internationals, he competes in the Pro 2 and Pro 1 events with his two horses. The quest for knowledge is its guiding principle.

“The collaboration with Marpezia has always been obvious to me. A fan of colors and quality materials to work in the best conditions, I no longer see myself evolving without them and their ethics at my side”


Sarah Blanchard

Rider, judge, and DEJEPS Dressage teacher, Sarah Blanchard takes part in the amateur and professional dressage circuit with her three horses Da Vinci, Romero, and Hector des Audeberts. Passionate above all about her horses, she wants to prove that we can combine respect and well-being with sports training and competition.

“Horses are a way of life, and Marpezia understands this well. This is why I am happy to share my equestrian adventure with this beautiful brand, top of the range for my dear horses, and also made in France. »

Daphné Bigan

An international rider for France, Daphné turned to the junior circuit after the pony circuit. Passionate about dressage since a young age, she is keen to reach the highest level. “For me it is therefore essential to offer the best possible equipment to my horses so that they want to give their all. Working as a team with a great brand like Marpezia makes me very proud!

Céleste Albertino

Camille de Fauconval - BELGIQUE - BE

Camille is a breeder of dressage horses, she competes in young horses up to St Georges level.

His stable, the Haras du Pérou, is located in Belgium.

She passionately shares her adventures as a breeder on Instagram (link)

“I love the elegance and refinement of Marpezia products, I am delighted to represent this brand with ethical values ​​which offers quality and innovative products! »

Céline Faure Curt

Rider, coach and horse breeder, Céline is the owner of the Valdi stables in Valdivienne (86). The vast majority of its sport horses live outside, in herds, barefoot and with unlimited hay.

Delphine Giroud

My name is Delphine, a dressage enthusiast playing on amateur circuits. With several regional and national titles acquired alongside my first mare, Vesna, I am continuing my journey with my new partner, Lumina Mill D’arx, a young German mare of exceptional beauty, who is celebrating her 6th birthday this year.

Excited at the idea of ​​returning to the competition fields this season with Lumina, I am particularly delighted to collaborate with Marpezia since its beginnings.

Associating my name with this French brand is a real pleasure, especially since we share common values ​​such as quality, elegance, and “made in France”.

Eva Hilaire

Dressage rider for 4 years with my thoroughbred Canary. After evolving into amateur 3 then amateur 2, we are back in an elite club. Why this choice ? Canari is about to turn 19 and I want to preserve him as much as possible and above all participate in the French championships for the first time.

    I am very proud to represent Marpezia and I share their values ​​100%. I always look for well-being and quality for my horse and Marpezia does it brilliantly with durable and resistant products.

Elodie Lambolez

Professional rider and coach, Élodie was born with horses and lives among them every day.

She plays on the young horse and Pro Dressage circuit. Coach of valid riders and para-dressage, she is keen to form couples capable of evolving and being competitive at their level.

Combining comfort and performance are its priorities. “Being accompanied by the values ​​of Marpezia, Comfort and Elegance without superfluities, manufactured in France are a reflection of French horse riding whose values ​​I convey. »

Jean Mauler

Clémentine & Lily Pestiaux - BELGIQUE - BE

Clémentine competed up to Prix Saint Georges level, with her late lead horse Jackpot. She is passionate, attentive and persevering.

Lily begins a new season with her pretty partner, Jane.

Diane Riggaz

Professional rider, Diane competes on national and some international circuits.

I am committed to representing the Marpezia brand, sharing the values ​​it instills, French know-how with its products of undeniable quality, combining luxury and comfort for my horses.

Mado Pinto

Charlotte Pons

An international Dressage rider on the Ace Pony Elite circuit with Vinkenhove It is an honor and a source of great pride to be part of this incredible human adventure. Marpezia embodies the deepest values ​​of our sport through excellence, the promotion of craftsmanship and the commitment to quality and proximity. As a rider, Jessica’s confidence and encouragement are invaluable. But beyond the equipment and the lifestyle, Marpezia shares our passion for horses. Their commitment to equine well-being and their support make us proud ambassadors capable of meeting every challenge, training hours, pushing our limits to achieve our goals. It’s being part of a family united by a common passion. Marpezia represents the perfect fusion between aesthetics, comfort and performance and allows us to embrace the beauty of riding with style and grace. »

Eva Pagnotta

Professional dressage rider, Eva competes on the national and international circuit with her two mares.

Also being an animal osteopath, she wishes to demonstrate that high level and well-being are complementary and inseparable.

“I am truly honored to represent Marpezia, quality, comfort, functionality and aesthetics for both the horse and the rider and all in the French way! What more ? »

Johanna Zilberstein

An international rider, Johanna competes on the para-dressage circuit but also able-bodied with her two horses. She is keen to show that disability is not a barrier to performance.

“I am delighted with the support of Marpezia, whose values ​​of proximity and know-how I share. It is important that my horses benefit from quality harnesses which provide them with all the necessary comfort without sacrificing elegance!”

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