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French artisanal saddlery

At Marpezia, we have chosen not to choose. Because it is inconceivable for us to have to compromise on environmental respect to have quality products, and because we cannot imagine not giving the best to our horses. We are also convinced that craftsmanship still has much to offer.

We have decided to offer products made in France. To design a French artisanal saddlery, a product of what our artisans do best, with the finest materials such as leather, velvet, silk, or suede. We constantly innovate to offer innovative, technical, adapted, and environmentally friendly products. All our product ranges, for the horse, the dog, and the rider, are designed and manufactured while respecting these values that are dear to us.

The quality made in France

Our artisans only use noble materials: leather, velvet, sheepskin… Each material is sourced organically and chosen for its environmental friendliness and durability.

We also emphasize innovation by using materials that allow our products to offer the best to your horse and accompany them in their daily life.

sellerie artisanale française

An artisanal saddlery

Since its creation, Marpezia has been striving to offer products made in France by local artisans. This ensures products of the finest quality at the fairest price.

It is this exclusively local know-how that allows us to offer products designed to live with you and accompany you in your daily life.

  • Équipements cavaliers

    For Rider

  • Équipement pour chevaux

    For Horses

  • Colliers et laisses chien cuir et biothane

    For dogs

  • Cadeaux pour cavalier

    Gifts ideas


The Marpezia Collections

Each one has its own identity! While they share the traits of being artisanal, innovative, and French, the Marpezia collections all have their own DNA. Discover Stravinsky with its ultra-resistant biothane, Astéria with its ultra-chic leather, and Areto with its mesh ideal for the beautiful season. Choose from the multiple products that make them up and have fun mixing them to create the equipment that reflects you.


Give your horse the ideal summer care routine with our range of products for hooves.