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Discover our collection of high-end saddlery products, all made in France.

Like many things in the equestrian world, Marpezia was born out of a passion: the horse. The brand also aims to combine beautiful riding, beautiful materials, and know-how to offer modern and durable products.

Marpezia is also about affirming the rider, his tastes and values. It’s about proudly upholding values of proximity and durability, as all our products are made in France by craftsmen close to our workshop located in Viuz-en-Sallaz (74). Our materials are carefully selected for their low environmental impact and good performance in use, to support horse lovers in their daily life.

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Founder’s Words

“We could almost say that Marpezia was born by accident… Or at least, because of an accident! Recovering after a horse fall, I decided that life was too short not to follow my dreams. And mine was well defined: to create an equestrian brand unlike any other.

Combining my passion for horses and my desire to offer high-end, responsible, and local products. This dream found a name. The name of an Amazonian queen, a horsewoman, strong and independent… Marpezia was born!”

Discover our range of high-end and made in France products

We have decided to offer high-end and made in France saddlery products, reflecting the best  what our craftsmen can do with the noblest materials such as leather, velvet, silk, or suede. We are constantly innovating to offer products that are technical, appropriate for riders and environmentally-friendly. All our product ranges; whether it be for horses, dogs or riders are designed and manufactured with these values in mind.