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Clothing and accessories for the rider | Marpezia

Whether at the stables or in the city,  Marpezia offers clothing and accessories for riders to be ready in any circumstances. Whether it be for for riding, working in the stables, or going downtown, our collection of clothing and accessories is comfortable, practical, and light to wear. Men, women, children or any horse lover will find something to enjoy riding with comfort and elegance: t-shirts, caps, belts, scarves…

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Clothing up to the challenge of your practice

Regardless of one’s level and discipline, every rider needs appropriate gear. From ready-to-wear for everyday stable life to equestrian competition attire and technical clothing for riding in various weather conditions, Marpezia offers an innovative and tailored range of textiles. Indeed, our equestrian clothing for women, men, and children meets all the needs of riders while addressing the constraints imposed by horse riding. Like a second skin, clothes play a crucial role in performance and aid every movement. The materials used, like leather, biothane, silk, or high-quality cotton, will be with you on every occasion, ensuring style and elegance.

Elegance at all times

Horse riding is a unique sport that combines technicality, performance, elegance, and lightness. This blend is what Marpezia clothing and accessories convey in their design. From color choice, model, style… They allow one to express their personality and showcase their passion for horse riding at every moment. Representing the absolute elegance always associated with equestrian fashion, Marpezia clothing and accessories perfectly highlight the grace of every rider, whether at the stables, in the city, on jumping competition grounds, or dressage arenas.

A suitable outfit for every season

Equestrianism is primarily an outdoor sport. At the stable, on the track, or on a ride, the rider’s clothing must cater to their needs and the weather. In summer, opt for breathable and light clothes that facilitate air circulation. For this, cotton is ideal, used in a short-sleeved riding t-shirt. You’re free to then choose the color that reflects you: blue, khaki, or green… Anything is possible! And to shield from the sun’s rays while on foot, don’t forget a cap. At Marpezia, we offer a suede cap that combines comfort and elegance. When it gets cooler, especially in mid-season, a scarf is your best friend. Made of silk, it’s stylish, comfy, and warm. Perfect for the gentle breezes of spring and fall!

Innovation and durability

Marpezia stands out for its constant innovation to serve riders. We are committed to designing quality, long-lasting products made in France. The materials used, all bio-sourced, consider the constraints equestrian clothing faces due to the sport’s demands.

Preserving the environment

Reducing our carbon footprint and safeguarding our environment are among our primary commitments. We strive to offer products that honor our planet, from their design to their end of life, encompassing their manufacturing and shipping. As such, our clothing and accessories utilize bio-sourced and sustainable materials, our packages are made from recycled and reusable materials, and our clothes can be repaired.