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Equipment for horse

Discover our collection of horses equipment: halters, bridles, saddle pads, gaiters… Our entire collection is handmade in France with sourced and quality materials.

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Cutting-edge Equipment

Every rider seeks comfort for their horse, regardless of the equipment they provide. Recognizing this need, Marpezia has developed a range of horse equipment tailored for sports practice. True to its commitment to ensuring safety, quality, and elegance for the rider-horse duo, Marpezia developed its products after extensive research and multiple prototypes. Whether it’s a saddle pad, a bridle, or a halter, all are specially designed for the horse’s comfort during riding.

What equipment for my horse?

Whether one is a recreational rider, competitor, or even a trekker, there are basic pieces of equipment every tack room should have, starting with the halter and its lead rope. They come in various types and materials, all suited to your riding style. Riders looking for a sturdy and easy-to-clean halter might choose one made of biothane, while those in search of a comfortable and elegant halter might gravitate towards leather. Whatever you choose, you can always express your style and personality by selecting the color of the halter and coordinating or contrasting lead rope based on your preferences!

Horse equipment for work

Another essential piece in your horse’s wardrobe: the boots. Regardless of the discipline, horses have delicate legs that require adequate protection, especially the tendons. Marpezia offers closed boots made of genuine leather and sheepskin, ensuring good air circulation and efficient sweat wicking. Both during work and sometimes in-hand, horses also need a bridle. With or without bits, Marpezia’s bridles are all made of high-quality leather, handcrafted in France by skilled saddlers. Lastly, a good saddle pad is a must-have for any equine wardrobe. Whether it’s white, khaki, or black, matching your shirt or universally adaptable, made of velvet, mesh, or cotton – the choice is yours!

Innovation and Durability

Marpezia stands out with its continuous drive for innovation catering to riders. We are dedicated to designing high-quality, long-lasting products made in France. All materials used are bio-sourced, bearing in mind the demands placed on equestrian clothing by the sport.


Reducing our carbon footprint and conserving the environment are among our main commitments. We go above and beyond to offer products that honor our planet, from their design to end-of-life, including their production and shipment. Our clothing and accessories use bio-sourced and sustainable materials, our packages are made from recycled and reusable materials, and our clothes can be mended.