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Contest rules

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Marpezia Contest Rules

“Rules of Marpezia Contests”

Article 1 – Organizing Company

The company MARPEZIA & CO (hereinafter referred to as the “Organizing Company”), registered with the Trade and Companies Register of Annecy under number 907 818 405, with its registered office located at 277 route de la Forge, 74250 Viuz-en-Sallaz, is organizing a competition with a random draw without any obligation to purchase according to the terms described in this regulation.
This game is neither organized nor sponsored by Facebook or Instagram.

Article 2 – Conditions of Participation

This free game is open to any natural person residing in metropolitan France (including Corsica), Belgium, and Switzerland.
The company reserves the right to carry out all necessary verifications concerning the identity, postal and/or electronic address of the participants.
The game is open to any adult or minor natural person, regardless of nationality.
The participation of minors is subject to the prior authorization of the parent(s) or legal guardian(s). The Organizing Company reserves the right, at any time, to request any minor participant to provide evidence of such authorization, and, if necessary, to cancel their participation in the game if the authorization is not provided. The Organizing Company reserves the right to draw another winner if an initial winner, who is a minor, is unable to provide sufficient evidence of such authorization.
All employees of the Company and Partners, including their families and spouses (married, PACS or recognized marital status), as well as any persons who have participated in the organization of the Game, are excluded from participating in this Game and from receiving any prizes, directly or indirectly.

Participation in the game implies the irrevocable and unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Regulation. Participation in the game is personal and nominative.
The game is subject to French law applicable to games and competitions.
Failure to comply with the conditions of participation listed in this Regulation or any behavior appearing non-compliant with French law may result in the nullification of participation in the game.
The Game is accessible to holders of a personal Facebook and/or Instagram account. Only one participation per person is allowed – same name, same first name, same email address or Facebook and/or Instagram identifier throughout the entire period of the game. The participant’s account must be used in good faith (regular activity on social networks and not an account created specifically and only to participate in contests). The Game allows any participant to win the prize described in Article 5 of this Regulation. Simply participating in the Game does not automatically result in a win for the participant; it is separate from any order of goods. The prizes described below are not guaranteed; their allocation depends on the participant’s participation and chance. The Game is accessible at the following addresses:

Article 3 – Operation of the Game and Participation Modalities

This game takes place on the Facebook and/or Instagram platform on the dates mentioned in the contest publication. However, the Organizing Company reserves the right, at any time and without notice, if circumstances require, to suspend, interrupt, shorten, extend, or cancel the Game.
In accordance with the provisions of Article 7 of this Regulation, the liability of the Organizing Company cannot, in any case, be engaged as a result. In order to participate in the draw, the Internet user must fulfill all the conditions mentioned in the contest publication.
The draw will take place on the Marpezia account and will designate 1 winner from among the participants. The winner will win the prize described in the publication.

Article 4 – Designation of Winners

The date of the draw will be chosen by Marpezia. During this draw, 1 winner will be drawn.
A first draw will be made using an application chosen by Marpezia.
The result of the draw cannot be contested. For a contest on Facebook, the Facebook or Instagram username of the winner will be announced on the MARPEZIA Facebook and Instagram pages.
The winner hereby authorizes MARPEZIA to use their avatar, username, first name, initial of their last name, and city in connection with the publication of the draw results, without entitling them to any remuneration, right, or advantage other than the awarding of their prize. The winner will be contacted once the draw has been made via the platform used, either Facebook or Instagram.
Any winner who does not respond within 3 days of being notified of their prize will be deemed to have waived it, and ANOTHER WINNER WILL BE DRAWN.
Only one entry per person is allowed.
The information and contact details provided by the participant must be valid and truthful, failing which their participation in the Game may be invalidated, and, if necessary, they may lose the status of winner.
It is strictly prohibited, by any means whatsoever, to modify or attempt to modify the game devices offered, especially to alter the results or influence, by automated or unfair means, the validity of the draw or the designation of a winner. If it is found that a participant has been drawn or apparently won a prize in contravention of this Regulation, by fraudulent means, such as an automated search or the use of an algorithm, or by means other than those resulting from the process described by the Organizer in the store or by this Regulation, the prize in question will not be awarded to them and will remain the property of the Organizer, without prejudice to any legal action that may be taken against the participant by the Organizer or third parties.

It is strictly prohibited for a participant to play with multiple email addresses or to play from an account opened for the benefit of another person or solely for the purpose of participating in contests (posts only concerning contests, with no other social network activity). Only one player account will be opened per person with the same name, first name, and email address.

Article 5 – Prizes

The prize to be won will be indicated in the contest publication on either the Facebook or Instagram platform.
The Organizing Company cannot be held responsible for any incidents/accidents that may occur in the use of the prizes. All brands or product names mentioned are registered trademarks of their respective owners.
The Organizer reserves the right to replace any prize with another prize of equivalent value, particularly in the event of unavailability of the prize initially