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what are the advantages of biothane?

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avantages du biothane

With its bright colors, its unbeatable strength, and its lightness, biothane has everything to please. It is why this material is the flagship product of the Stravinsky Collection, the iconic Maperzia collection for riders, horses and dogs. Becoming increasingly popular among riders, biothane truly has everything to please. Where does this revolutionary material come from? What are its characteristics? In short, what are the advantages of biothane? Marpezia takes you on a tour to discover this material that makes riders’ lives easier.

You have certainly heard about the famous Stravinsky collection, a range of products that you can match with your halter, your belt or even your dog’s collar. Colorful, solid and practical, the Stravinsky collection has it all! The main advantage of this collection? The use of biothane, which makes a big difference. Still relatively unknown, this material has many advantages.


First of all, know that, like Frigo or Caddie, Biothane is the name of the American brand that invented this alloy of materials. By extension, the word biothane refers to a strap coated with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). The strap is made of several materials: cotton,Kevlar evlar, fiberglass, polyester and nylon. It can withstand up to 500kg of pull per inch of width (just over 2cm). In other words, it can withstand any horse pulling!

There are two types of biothane:

  • Beta biothane: it has the appearance of embossed, matt leather. In brown or black, it is very similar to leather, but more flexible;
  • Gold biothane: it is smooth and shiny, easy to recognize. It can also be translucent.

At Marpezia, we use Beta Biothane, which we have chosen for its flexibility and elegance. It brings all the advantages of leather (appearance) without its disadvantages (fragility, maintenance).


Biothane offers a number of advantages, particularly when compared with leather, which it often replaces in products. Its properties are due in particular to the excellent properties of TPU, namely :

  • High resistance to cuts and abrasions;
  • Good resistance to chemicals;
  • Excellent flexibility, even at low temperatures;
  • Good UV resistance: colors do not fade over time despite exposure to sunlight;
  • Excellent durability, even without maintenance.

Also note that it is unbreakable, tear-resistant, and rot-proof. So it’s highly resistant to water and sweat.. Another advantage of biothane is its durability. Indeed, it is weldable and therefore easy to repair, making it an environmentally-friendly material.


It’s no coincidence that we’ve chosen to design an entire range of biothane products. Available in a wide range of colors, the Stravinsky halter is more resistant than a leather or nylon halter. It’s also gentler on the horse’s skin and won’t irritate it, even when the horse is sweating. It resists water very well so it won’t be a problem to shower your horse with it during hot summer days.  And if you have a horse enjoying rolling in the mud, it is also very easy to clean, with a simple sponge and soapy water. You will also find these advantages with the dog collar. No more leather collars full of mud that you don’t dare to rub being afraid of damaging it!  The biothane collar can be cleaned with hot water without any problem and does not fear the rubbing of a brush. Once cleaned, you just need to let it dry in the open air or with a towel or cloth.

As for the belt, its flexibility will ensure you a maximal comfort and will be suitable in any daily situations. It’s also very easy to clean so you will always look great in any circumstances.