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Healing balm SOS 067


Healing balm for the skin:

Stimulates tissue regeneration and growth
Purifying and cleansing
100% natural formula based on honey, pollen, propolis, calendula and aloe vera
Ideal for summer dermatitis, chafing, cracks, mud itch and rotten frogs
Made in France

200g jar

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Discover the SOS 067 healing balm. The brand manufactures all its products in France, with 100% natural, carefully selected ingredients. All products are formulated with plants, essential oils and products from nature. Their properties are recognized and effective.

A formula from nature

SOS 067 healing balm is the ideal balm in many circumstances. Its exclusive formula is entirely natural and based on active ingredients from plants and nature. It is composed of honey, pollen and propolis, known for their healing properties, as well as calendula, which soothes, and aloe vera which repairs. The balm thus has several virtues: it soothes, cleanses and regenerates tissues. It also helps with hair regrowth and deeply nourishes the skin. The essential oils of tea tree and noble laurel which are included in its composition help to tone the skin and stimulate blood circulation to accelerate circulation.

The healing balm is useful for many conditions, whether skin or hooves. It can thus be used on irritations (wounds, friction, cuts, itching), cracks, mud itch as well as on rotten frogs. It is therefore the horse’s ideal daily ally, whether in the humidity of the winter season or in the humidity of the summer season.

Take care of your horse and the environment

It is in Marpezia’s DNA to offer superior quality, high-end and environmentally friendly products. It is essential for us that all our products have a low environmental impact. The ingredients are French and sourced to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible. Thus, the SOS 067 healing balm is packaged in a durable pot, guaranteed without petroleum or end-of-life toxicity. It is in fact made from plant-based plastic from sugar cane. This makes it a biodegradable and compostable container.

Apply a thick layer to the wound then allow the product to absorb naturally. If necessary, the wound can be cleaned beforehand with calming shampoo 067. If the wound is deep, the balm can be applied as a poultice. In case of mud fever or cracks, it should be applied daily until complete penetration. For the treatment of rotten frogs, the SOS 067 healing balm should be applied using a brush.

Additional information

Weight 200 g


SOS Balm 055 007 can be used for all irritations and small injuries. It very effectively supports the healing process. In the event of a severe infection, we recommend veterinary advice.

If necessary, clean the wound using Calming Shampoo 067 005 to treat a clean area.

Apply a layer of SOS Balm to the wound, let the wound naturally absorb SOS Balm 067 055.

For Fourchette Treatment, apply generously using a brush, working the product into the areas to be treated.

In case of mud gall and the appearance of cracks, apply daily in the cracks so that the product penetrates.

Repeat the treatment daily in sufficient quantities to cover the entire wound. SOS Balm 067 005 can also be applied as a poultice in the case of a deep wound.


Main ingredients

Aloe Vera: easily penetrates the skin, rich in vitamins and amino acids

Calendula: antioxidant and antiseptic

Chamomile: rich in anti-inflammatory and antibacterial molecules

Propolis extract: stimulates tissue regeneration and growth

Honey: powerful antiseptic

Beeswax: forms a protective film

Kaolin (white clay): contributes to the remineralization and detoxification of the skin

Tea Tree EO and Noble Laurel EO: purifies and soothes


SOS Balm 055 007 is packaged in a 200 gram jar.

In order to minimize our environmental footprint, 067 is committed to its packaging choices. These ecological pots are made with plants, without a drop of petroleum, without any end-of-life toxicity.

The pot is made of vegetable plastic from sugar cane. It is biodegradable and compostable.


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